New Look… Same Rugged XMTR Design

“Hockey Puck” style DIN Form-B mounting industrial temperature transmitter

Hudson, MA, USA —Thermalogic Corporation, a leading electronic process control and sensor manufacturer specializing in OEM applications, introduces its latest members of the SureSignal Transmitter Line , the WA 7000 Series temperature transmitters. The WA 7000 series temperature transmitters address a host of applications and customer requirements.

They have taken the rugged and reliable design of our SureSignal Transmitter Line and re-designed it to fit into DIN Form-B size connector heads.


IR Camera upgrade for pcb testing

OptoTherm has upgraded the thermal imaging camera used with their EL thermal imaging system
EL thermal imaging systemSewickley PA, USA –The latest version of the EL thermal imaging system includes a new thermal imaging camera utilizing a 320×240 uncooled detector array with <0.05˚C sensitivity and 16 bit digital Camera Link interface.

The camera captures and displays images at a rate of 30 frames/second and provides a pixel resolution of down to 70 microns.

The EL system is used to quickly locate shorts, stressed components, and other defects. It can also analyze the thermal behavior of individual components.

Model Board Comparison enables users to locate defects by comparing the thermal behavior of defective boards to a known good board model.


Temperature control case studies

In-depth Applications Information
Case StudiesSaffron Walden, UK — Specialists in water baths, circulators, chillers and thermoregulators, Huber UK have introduced a new Case Studies’ section to their website that contains a wealth of useful information for laboratories looking to precisely control the temperature of their applications and processes.

Visitors to the website are now able to browse summaries and download case studies on subjects including temperature control of exothermic reactions, effect of flow and pressure on heat transfer coefficients, how to achieve optimal process temperature gradients and system performance data.

Regularly updated with new data, the Huber UK ‘Case Studies’ section offers strong justification for book-marking and periodic revisits.



VARIO-ZOOOM FOCUS INSTRUMENTTuscon AZ, USA — It is important for an IR Thermometer (IRT) user to know where the target spot is located. If any part of the infrared beam is off the edge of the target surface, serious reading errors can occur.

The target must completely intercept the instrument???s field-of-view (FOV) to get an accurate temperature reading. The shape of the FOV cross-section changes along its length, being square (or circular, according to the detector and field stop shapes) near the instrument???s focal plane and always almostcircular afocally.

Users of conventional IRT???s often realized that their results are not repeatable for no apparent reason. Readings that should be identical can often be divergent by 20% or more.

This is true only if the target???s surface is perpendicular to the centerline of the FOV.

If the target???s surface is tilted at an angle to the centerline of the FOV, the resulting spot shape is rectangular or oval. The reading can still be quite accurate even though the longitudinal dimension has increased considerably (+40% at a 45?? tilt).


IR thermography at MARTS 2008

April 14-17, 2008
The Maintenance & Reliability Technology SummitRosemont IL, USA — MARTS, The Maintenance & Reliability Technology Summit is designed to be an educational experience and a professional development opportunity. Practitioners, experts and industry gurus will be teaching, not selling, during conference sessions and workshops.

Pre-Conference Workshops: April 14 Professional Development Courses: April 14-16; Conference Sessions: April 15-16 and Exhibits: April 15-16.

One of the “hottest” weapons in today’s predictive technology arsenal, infrared thermography can be one of the most powerful tools in a reliability-focused plant.


New WellWatcher Fiber Optic Technology

Fiber optics for distributed temperature DAQ & permanent downhole monitoring
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Reliability LifetimeEDMONTON AL, CANADA – Schlumberger has introduced its new WellWatcher BriteBlue* harsh environment multimode fiber and WellWatcher Ultra* distributed temperature acquisition system.

The WellWatcher BriteBlue harsh environment multimode fiber can be used as a distributed sensor for applications such as Distributed Temperature Sensing or for high-speed communication between downhole sensors and a surface acquisition unit.

The new generation fiber was designed especially for use in extreme heat and hydrogen environments???environments that can cause most optical fibers to degrade in physical integrity and performance over time.


IR Thermographer Webinars

Online Training from The Snell Group

Low-Slope Roof Moisture Inspections
Presented by Rob Spring
Wednesday, March 26, 11:00 a.m. EDT

Inspecting Utility Substations
Presented by John Snell
Wednesday, April 2, 1:00 p.m. EDT

Reporting Procedures for Thermographers
Presented by John Snell
Wednesday, April 16, 11:00 a.m. EDT