Calls For Federal Leadership on Climate Change

Pew Center on Global Climate Change Calls For Federal Leadership on Climate Adaptation | New Report Recommends Creating a National Adaptation Program

Pew Center Report

Washington, D.C. ??? While they urge Congress to pass strong legislation that limits carbon pollution and grows the clean energy economy, the impacts of climate change cannot be ignored. Even ambitious greenhouse gas reduction programs will not prevent unavoidable climate impacts, such as more intense Midwestern heat waves, Western wildfires, and coastal threats from rising sea levels. (more…)

DTS: The Motor for Tunnel Innovation & Safety in Croatia

LIOS Technology & Tehnomobil’s new standard for fire safety solutions in Croatian tunnel network

The Brinje (Tunnel) & Others, Croatia — Tunnels are sensitive traffic bottlenecks and consequently extraordinary vulnerable in case of accidents or fire blasts. Danger for life and enormous economic consequences ask also for technical solutions of prevention and limitation of damage.

LIOS Technology and its Croatian partner Tehnomobil have set a new standard for modern fire safety solutions for the road tunnel network in Croatia. (more…)

4 mA-to-20 mA Loop-Powered Temp Monitor

Using ADI’s ADuC7060/ADuC7061 Precision Analog Microcontroller (CN0145)

Norwood MA, USA — This online and downloadable Applications Note from Analog Devices provides the step-by-step instructions on how to readily build a not-so-simple solid state temperature monitor from modest cost, readily available commercial components. (Image: Courtesy Analog Devices, Inc.)

Its introduction begins: (more…)

Pinnacle Infrared Providing BlockWallScanIR??? Services

For Organizations in Kansas and Oklahoma

Independence KS, USA — Pinnacle Infrared now provides BlockWallScanIR??? services to the Kansas and Oklahoma area. Pinnacle Infrared is a building diagnostics service company based in Independence, Kansas . BlockWallScanIR??? is a service providing infrared surveys of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings built with CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) or block walls. United Infrared, of which Pinnacle is a member, is the world???s largest network of multidisciplined infrared thermographers. (more…)

Operate an IR Thermal Imaging Camera

3 minute video on the IRI-4010 Thermal Infrared Camera and how to operate it

San Francisco, CA, USA — This video gives very step-by-step instructions on how to operate the IRI-4010 thermal imaging camera sold by Pembroke Instruments, LLC.

If you cannot view the video here, then try going directly to the YouTube page at: (more…)

True Lifecycle Cost of a RTD

Do you know? Here’s an online resource that may help you understand – From The Engineering Team at Burns Engineering

Minnetonka,MN, USA –?? How RTD selection criteria impacts accuracy and operating performance: Proper selection should align with the process conditions, expectations, and installation, for lowest lifecycle cost.

This online accessible download (not requiring any registration or cost) begins: (more…)