Franklin Lakes NJ, USA — ??The new Metis Vision MV09 Thermovision Camera is designed for precision temperature measurement and control applications, and features extremely high, drift free stability with temperature ranges from 600 ??C to 1800 ??C as well as a wide selection of variable focus or fixed focus lens options.

The camera???s incredibly high resolution with 300,000 points of measurement, provides crisp clear images that identify anomalies in temperature uniformity and provides multiple control signal outputs for alarming and process control. (more…)

IR Thermometer with RH Measurement


Stamford CT, USA –?? Omega Engineering’s new OS418L is a fully functional infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measuring device (thermometer) and a hygrothermometer. It monitors Relative Humidity from 0 to 99% RH and surface temperatures from -60 to 500 ??C (-76 to 932 ??F).


  • Clean Rooms and Greenhouses
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • HVAC Energy Audits
  • Factory Automation
  • Paint Drying


ULIS seeks larger slice of infrared sensor market

??ULIS and CEA/Leti join forces in a ??? 26 m R&D project to develop a new line of infrared sensors for applications enhancing energy efficiency

ulis_logoVeurey-Voroize, France — ULIS has announced that the company will collaborate with CEA/Leti, a leading international technology research center, in a project to develop and market a new line of infrared (IR) sensors.

Budgeted at ??? 26m, the R&D project will enable ULIS to accelerate the development of a new line of infrared sensors, and thus bring products targeting applications that enhance energy efficiency to the market more quickly.

The new line of IR sensors is designed to fill an unmet need in applications seeking to achieve maximum efficiency in the everyday use of energy, for example heating systems. (more…)

PORTER-CABLE?? Launches Infrared Thermometers

Features Temperature Indicator Beam for Visibility & Accurate Temperature Readings

Infrared Thermometer PCC582B

TOWSON MD, USA ??? PORTER-CABLE announces the launch of two new groundbreaking Infrared Thermometers, including the PCC581B that is compatible with 18 Volt PORTER-CABLE Lithium Ion or NiCd batteries, and the PCC582B that is compatible with standard 9 Volt alkaline batteries.

The thermometers incorporate an innovative temperature indicator beam specifically designed to provide a quick and easy indication of a temperature change. The products are also designed for use by remodelers, HVAC professionals and energy specialists. (more…)

Temp Measurements for Steel & Primary Metals:

Understanding when thermal imaging is more cost effective than multiple pyrometers
LumaSense Webinar (Luminar?): Thursday, September 29th | 11 am – 12 ET


In this webinar series, you will learn how infrared technology helps engineers decide which instruments are best for individual process steps and how accurate temperature data can influence the bottom line.

With energy prices at all-time high, the cost of doing business has increased. Steel and metal manufacturers need the right tools to optimize energy usage and control production.

Without accurate, dependable and repeatable non-contact temperature measurement, plant operators risk costly reheats or poor product quality. (more…)

Thermal Imaging to Optimize Curing Profile of Thermal Adhesives

iCure Spot Curing System Improves Manufacturing Productivity


Hamden CT, USA–(– IRphotonics is pleased to announce the acquisition of a high resolution FLIR thermal imaging camera to expand the capabilities of its application engineering lab.

The acquisition of a thermal imaging camera will help IRphotonics??? Application Engineering Lab engineers analyze the distribution of heat in the parts that are exposed to the iCure to optimize energy, wavelength and irradiance to meet particular process needs or improve clients??? manufacturing productivity. (more…)

IR Viewing Satellite see Tropical Storm Ophelia born

Tropical Storm Ophelia was born in the Atlantic Ocean and captured in an infrared image from NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite and NASA’s Aqua satellite.

This infrared image from the AIRS instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite shows System 98L's coldest cloudtops (purple) before it strengthened into Tropical Storm Ophelia. The image is from Sept. 20 at 4:11 p.m. EDT. Notice the bands of thunderstorms to the north and south of the center; - Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olsen

Goddard Space Center –?? NASA and NOAA satellites were watching the low pressure System 98L in the central Atlantic yesterday when it was 1450 miles east of the Leeward Islands.

On Sept. 20, 2011 at 4:11 p.m. NASA’s Aqua satellite flew over System 98L before it became a tropical storm. An infrared image from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder instrument onboard showed System 98L’s strongest thunderstorms and coldest cloud tops (colder than -63 ??F/-52 ??C) were banded north and south of the center of circulation.

Those bands of thunderstorms were a sign that the low pressure area was organizing and strengthening. (more…)