Thermal Imaging Camera for Demanding R&D Applications

Plus…FLIR Systems is now making a unique offer

fliratspr77-imageMeer, Belgium — The FLIR SC660’s high-definition 640??480 infrared detector delivers exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and image quality. It is designed for the most demanding R&D applications.

Leveraging proprietary Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE) technology, the SC660 is able to provide thermal image sharpness unmatched by any other thermal imaging camera in its class.


Thanksgiving Weather Ourlook

From Space.. Happy Thanksgiving in The USA

Nothern Hemisphere US Composite Sector
Northern Hemisphere US Composite Sector

Composite GOES Satellite Image of North America By NOAA on 28 November 2013

For an even more exciting, live view of the Eastern USA and the Atlantic Ocean view off the east coast, visit: (more…)

Avoiding Sample Loss During Evaporative Drying

With smooth, controlled solvent removal

DriPureIpswich, UK & Sone Ridge NY, USA — Dri-Pure?? technology from Genevac offers significant benefits to scientists, especially those working in synthesis and purification.

This innovative technology enables scientists to rapidly dry their samples without cross-contamination or loss of sample due to solvent bumping.

Other methods of solvent removal tend to be very laborious or lead to unacceptable cross-contamination, Dri-Pure?? running on a Genevac evaporator gives smooth, controlled solvent removal in optimum time. (more…)

Reliable RH &Temp Sensor Helps Increase Yield of Healthy Poultry

App Note About Healthy Turkeys For Thanksgiving

Turkey Chick  Mitchell i7000 RH Sensor Module
Turkey Chick & Mitchell I7000 RH Sensor

Rowley MA, USA & Ely, UK — Michell Instruments is helping to increase the number of healthy chicks hatched in farms with its I7000 Hygrosmart temperature and relative humidity sensors.

The I7000 Hygrosmart temperature and relative humidity sensor provides highly reliable and accurate measurements of these key parameters for chick hatching. The sensor is accurate and highly stable with less than 1% RH drift over a year to maintain the ideal hatching conditions over time. (more…)

2,500-Year-Old Mummy Goes Wireless???

With 418 MHz wireless temp & humidity transmitters in the Gill Center at U. of Rochester, NY


Gays Mills WI, USA — A new wireless sensor installation at the Univ. of Rochester, NY, will ensure the right temperature and humidity for the university???s oldest resident; a 2,500 year-old mummy.

Controlling humidity is extremely importance to keeping the mummy in tip-top shape, according to Jamie Chudyk, Facility Manager for the university???s Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) and its Gill Center, where the mummy resides.

Chudyk is responsible for monitoring the building???s HVAC system, and when it came time to upgrade the Gill Center, he knew he needed a wireless solution because wires couldn???t be run in the walls due to the sensitive nature of its occupant. (more…)

New Light Weight Temp Recorder

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Delta_trakOnline –?? DeltaTrak is pleased to announce its new In-Transit Temperature Recorder and FlashLink Data Logger starter kits. The new light weight temperature recorder features a vented case for superior air circulation.

The data logger starter kits feature multiple FlashLink USB or FlashLink Mini Data Loggers plus free software (a $50 value). Call 800-962-6776 or email* your DeltaTrak representative today for more information.


Wireless Temp & RH Data Logger with Display

Priced from $199.00 USD
Stanford CT, USA — The OM-CP-RFRHTEMP2000A from Omega Engineering is a wireless temperature and humidity data logger with digital display. The OM-CP-RFRHTEMP2000A is ideal for both industrial or laboratory applications including supply chain storage facilities, incubator monitoring and HVAC studies.

Designed with external humidity and RTD based temperature sensors, the device provides a fast response time for both parameters.