Novel Semiconductor NTC Thermistors as Cryogenic??Liquid Level Sensors

cryo_thermistor propertiesMountain View CA, USA ??–?? AdSem, Inc. announces development of new family of semiconductor cryogenic NTC thermistors specifically designed for sensing of the level of cryogenic liquids.

These SE-1MM thermistors have fast response and are perfect for measurements in cryogenic liquids with any boiling temperature down to 4.2K, like liquid noble gases (xenon, argon, neon, helium), oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.

The thermistors work??in non-linear regime at high voltage, specifically, in the range of 12 V-35 V, which causes thermistor overheating and sharp resistance decrease, when the sensor is out of the liquid.

They can also work in ohmic regime at low voltages as highly sensitive cryogenic thermometers??for temperature ranges of??400K – 77 K,??400 K – 20 K,??400 K ??? 1.5 K.

Additionally, in applications where thermistors are submerged into liquid helium, they could be used also as a ???furnace??? for evaporation of liquid helium, when it???s necessary.

The SE-1MM semiconductor thermistors are epoxy encapsulated with 3.0 x 2.3x 2.2 mm?? size and 8 mm length leads. Standard tolerances for resistance value at liquid nitrogen are ??5%, ??10%, ??20%,?????50%.

Resistance value at room temperatures is 350 ??10% Ohm.?? Resistance values at such cryogenic liquids as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium can be customized for any narrow subrange in the range of 15 KOhm – 1 MOhm.

Example of R (T) dependence for typical SE-1MM cryogenic thermistor in linear/Ohmic regime is shown in the graph above.

New cryogenic liquid level semiconductor NTC thermistors are available immediately from AdSem. For more information, visit:

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AdSem, Inc. is a privately held company established in California by a group of highly experienced professionals with outstanding achievements in Semiconductors, Radiation Physics, and Material Science. Their mission is development and production of novel semiconductor materials, advanced semiconductor devices and unique analytical instrumentation for semiconductor, nuclear, and cryogenic industries. AdSem has invented and developed high temperature Silicon and Germanium NTC thermistors as well as an industrial technology for their production. AdSem opens a new era in temperature sensing industry by bringing up semiconductor technology into the 70-years old market of ceramic NTC thermistors. Their thermistor products the most sensitive and highly interchangeable over their wide working temperature ranges. They are the only company in the world that has developed and produce thermistors for any temperature between 1 mK and 500 ??C. They also are the only company in the world that offers Ge and Si high reflective mosaic monochromators for slow neutrons, gamma – and X-rays.

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