Thermal cameras used to study the electrocalorific effect’

Today’s refrigerator devices make use of coolants that turn into gases. Although these coolants form the basis of an effective cooling process, they may be harmful to the environment. But what if we could use solid materials instead of fluids

“Drones’ role in agriculture increasing”

NIR & Visible Camera Imaging “Dwayne Reed has a hard time imagining his job as an agricultural consultant without the use of a cellphone and drone.” ‘It’s all about plant health,’ Reed said. ‘Plants reflect and absorb light. Cameras measure

NOAA’s GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) public debut

Shares First ABI Full Disk Imagery Credit: NOAA/NASA Online — While experts continue to address an issue with the cooling system of the satellite’s imager, new views from GOES-17 show that its ABI is providing beautiful – and useful –

Waterless Distillation System

CondenSyn Developed by UEA & Asynt Isleham, UK — Asynt in partnership with the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) has developed the new CondenSyn Distillation Adapter as an aid to chemistry labs worldwide seeking to go water-free. The new


SETARAM’s next 2018 Thermal Analysis Webinars I. HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMAL ANALYSIS APPLIED TO THE STUDY OF MOLTEN SALTS We hope this information will help you further for your material science research and inspire your imagination. WHEN: Tuesday, May 29th 2018

QIRT 2018 Conference in Berlin

25 – 29 June 2018 Berlin, Germany Deadline for Registration: 28 May 2018 Online —  The biannual Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT) Conference is a meeting of the scientific and industrial community interested and actively working in research, application and technology

Fusion of Infrared Thermal Image and Visible Image

For 3D Thermal Model Reconstruction Using Smartphone Sensors Abstract Thermal infrared imagery provides temperature information on target objects, and has been widely applied in non-destructive testing. However, thermal infrared imagery is not always able to display detailed textures of inspected

New Technology Could Expand Infrared Thermography Capabilities

Telops’s FAST-IR infrared cameras Online —  Alexandrine Huot, a Telops Field Application Scientist, will guide you through the different FAST-IR camera types and will show you which one of our high-performance cameras will allow you to get the best results.

UCNPs absorb near-infrared light & upconvert it to visible light

ANIMATION: Energy transfers from a ytterbium atom (blue), which absorbs near-infrared light, to an erbium atom (red). The erbium atom then releases visible, green light.  A study led by researchers at Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry found a way to enhance

Safe Evaporation Under Inert Atmosphere

HT Series 3 evaporator with IGP option Ipswich, UK — Genevac announce HT Series 3 evaporators with Inert Gas Purge (IGP) option enable safe operation even when removing highly explosive solvents such as diethyl ether. To eliminate these risks, the