New Cold Chain Research Findings!

Cold ChainOnline?? –?? Leading professors of the Thermal Sciences and Energy Centre of Lyon, France think they???ve cracked a winning mathematical formula for saving you cash in your supply chain???

The study was carried out to find a cold chain shipping solutions that is efficient and cost effective for transporting temperature-sensitive medications across the world, and the findings are interesting to say the least.

Curious? Well, to give you a sample of what this study discusses and covers in addition to it???s time saving formula, read below: (You can see their latest results here.)

  • Whether standard and mostly over-sized packaging solutions are cost effective and safe enough for your goods
  • If custom-made solutions with precise specifications are beneficial
  • If changing one parameter in terms of external profile, temperature range, duration or volume can change everything in the design, which costs money and involves additional delays.
  • How a numerical model that would simulate the temperature changes inside the insulated packaging during the transport would be beneficial.
  • Would a numerical model make it possible to propose a cold chain shipping packaging truly adapted to the user???s needs, and to save time and cost.

See the latest study results, the influence this could have on the market, and how the numerical model could apply to your business.

P.S. In case you missed it, their last whitepaper ensure your packaging complies 100% with the GDP regulations is still available to download on Cold Chain IQ.