Notorious climate skeptic under fire

‘manipulates actual temperature measurement’

Climate-skeptics-fire-new-paperBy Cheyenne Macdonald For – Published: 14:50 EST, 30 November 2017 | Updated: 18:07 EST, 30 November 2017

“A team of researchers known for publishing controversial findings that challenge the idea of human influence on climate change has now released a study that suggests there has been no acceleration in warming over the last two decades.”

“But, as other scientists have noted, there is mounting evidence that shows otherwise…”

“In an article for The Guardian earlier this year, thermal sciences and climate expert Dr John Abraham pointed out that the researcher has had to make numerous changes to his studies after other experts noted major errors.

‘Once again, John Christy is trying to downplay the threat of climate change by suggesting climate projections are too dire,’ Abraham told in an email.”

‘He has published a paper in a third-rate journal, possibly because he couldn’t get his results into a more rigorously reviewed journal. His work reportedly shows that by manipulating actual temperature measurements, the rate of warming has been decreased.

‘His problem is that other top-quality scientists have published definitive data within the past few years, without manipulation, that show unequivocally the earth is warming faster than the models predict.

‘So, you can believe real temperature measurements made with real sensors, or you can believe manipulated temperature inferences made by a research team that has a track record for being wrong.’

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