Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry and Volumetry Apps for Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

Adsorption and desorption of CO2 on a hydrophilic amine polymer (Gas: He + 10%CO2 + 10% RH)

Caluire- France & Newark CA, USA — Setaram offers a range of unique instrumentation that can simulate the conditions required for CCS, and?? presents a summary of?? three different applications that have been developed by both their existing users and within their own Application Laboratory Network.

1. CO2 capture on polymer supported sorbents in humid atmosphere by TG-DSC

Solid polymers can be coated with liquid amines in order to combine the high surface area of the polymeric support with the CO2 removal efficiency of a liquid amine. For post-combustion capture, the development of adsorbents that can operate competitively at relatively high temperatures and also in humid atmosphere are needed. Solid sorbents, such as hydrophilic amine polymers, are known to have a large capacity of CO2 adsorption with a full regeneration after heating.

To investigate such a process, the TG-DSC technique, combined with the relative humidity generator Wetsys, is the ideal tool:

– the thermogravimetric signal provides the amount of CO2

* adsorbed that defines the capacity of adsorption for a given sorbent
* desorbed that characterizes its level of regeneration

– the DSC signal measures the corresponding enthalpy

* exothermic during adsorption that means a temperature increase during the capture process
* endothermic during desorption that meaning cooling during the regeneration process

See the complete application note AN637 (

2. CO2 capture on zeolites by Volumetry

PCT- isotherms for zeolite 13X at 30, 50, 80, 120 and 180 ??C
PCT- isotherms for zeolite 13X at 30, 50, 80, 120 and 180 ??C

Zeolites are crystalline alumino silicates of alkali earth elements with large surface areas onto which CO2 can adsorb. Zeolite cages can occlude large amounts of gas molecules.

Due to their well-controlled pore structure and size, zeolites have been primary candidates in the gas separation (e.g. CO2 capture) in industry. Knowledge about the CO2 sorption properties of zeolites (adsorption capacity, pressure regimes and kinetics) is essential to the design of advanced materials capable of capturing CO2 in industrial settings.

The PCTPro-E&E Sievert???s apparatus is developed to study sorption of a variety of gases from vacuum up to 200 bar and from liquid He to 500 ??C .

The PCTPro E&E is well-suited for the detailed characterization of adsorption of CO2 onto different solid sorbents

Among zeolites, 13X is known for its relatively high CO2 capacity.

To investigate the capacity of CO2 capture for zeolites, volumetry provides a very accurate technique that can work on a large range of temperature and pressure.
See more on PCTPro-E&E

3. CO2 capture on MOF???s by combined Calorimetry-Volumetry

Up: Pressure versus time during a CO2 adsorption experiment.  Down: Calorimetric Heat Flow signal versus time.
Up: Pressure versus time during a CO2 adsorption experiment. Down: Calorimetric Heat Flow signal versus time.

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) offer an advantage over other classical porous materials (activated carbon, zeolithes) because their properties can be tailored for specific applications.

Today these structures are envisaged for multiple applications in gas adsorption, like hydrogen storage, selective adsorption of CO2 against CH4, CO2 against H2. The Cu-BTC is chosen as a example of Metal Organic Framework that is available commercially to demonstrate adsorption studied by Sievert???s technique and heat flow calorimetry.

A PCTPro-E&E Sievert???s apparatus coupled with a ??DSC7 evo is used to measure the CO2 adsorption into Basolite C300 at -20 ??C, 30 ??C and 50 ??C.

The combination of manometric technique (to quantify the amount of gas absorbed/released) and calorimetry enables the direct measurement of enthalpy of formation per mole of gas.

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