Heat, cool & stir viscous samples in parallel…

Tornado – a parallel synthesiser with overhead stirring, heating, cooling, refluxing plus inert atmosphere in six positions

The Radleys Tornado

Saffron Walden, UK — The Radleys Tornado is the ideal synthesis solution for stirring both viscous samples and delicate solids, where conventional magnetic stirring is not suitable.

Magnetic stirring, using PTFE stirring bars or fleas, is not suitable for viscous samples, because the magnetic stirring bars simply do not have the power to mix the sample.

Also where your chemistry requires the dispersing of delicate solids or resins, magnetic stirring bars can damage the sample by grinding.

Hence there is a need for a system that can offer powerful mechanical or overhead stirring that is more suited to these and similar applications.

The Tornado system evenly distributes high-torque stirring from a conventional overhead stirrer to 6 round bottom flasks, from 50ml to 250ml, and is the only parallel synthesiser that offers overhead stirring, heating, cooling, refluxing and an inert atmosphere to six positions simultaneously.

The Tornado delivers overhead stirring at a fraction of the cost of multiple systems, coping with even highly viscous liquids (up to 10,000 cps at 500 rpm).

Innovative ???pinch-grip??? stirrer guides on each of the 6 flasks maintain an inert atmosphere during stirring and allow rapid exchange of stirrer shafts. The Tornado accepts a range of round bottom flasks from 50ml to 250ml, including flasks with wide necks, sidearms and integral baffles.

For a demonstration of how the Tornado can help improve the productivity of your chemistry please contact Radleys on telephone +44-1799-513320 or email sales@radleys.co.uk.

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