TempSensorNEWS.com is a web-only news outlet published by the MeasurementMedia Division of Temperatures.com, Inc. in Southampton Pennsylvania, USA.

It is a free, self-service resource for temperature & moisture sensor organizations; they may post news of new products and related resources here without cost or requirement to register.

We continually search the Web for related stories and combine them with reviewed submissions (submitting is free and easy, just click here) to provide a timely news of developments. Our stories are distributed through our rss newsfeed (Click here to see the feed) to many other readers and other Web sites across the world.

You are welcome to add our newsfeed to your website, or your Google, Yahoo or other news aggregator pages, if you wish – it is free and free of ads.


We published an email newsletter called Temperature SensorNEWS at About Temperature Sensors for a few years in the early 2000s, but it was discontinued as TempSensor.net took over a daily news role in 2002 with an rss newsfeed that we labeled as TempSensorNews.

Today, there are so many more technology features for communications that the concept of TemperatureSensorNEWS.com was been returned to active service as a stand alone website, but renamed TempSensorNEWS.com, in 2006 to provide news and better, interactive communications about news of temperature & moisture sensors and their suppliers.

(Note: It responds to both web addresses)

Now the site has been updated again with a new look in 2009 and many more features, such as comments submissions and logging.

The rss newsfeed has a slightly different web address, www.tempsensornews.com/feed/, than before, but works the same, if not better (it’s RSS 2.0 rather than RSS 0.91 – for the web literati)

A bit later in 2009 we added 55 more newsfeeds, one for each of the categories assigned to our news stories. You can see them all and pick the total newsfeed or the one that floats your boat best on the rss newsfeed page at www.tempsensornews.com/rss-2/.

We appreciate your news submissions and comments.

Anyone may submit a PR, news of a product or company, there’s no requirement to join. But realize we maintain the right to edit and/or reject any submission, and we check all web address (urls) submitted for appropriateness.

Registered users of this website can submit news and review stories directly with less delay and full credit automatically.

They can advance to positions of Featured Author or Editor, if interested.

Becoming a registered member of this site is easy enough. Register as you would on any other WordPress-based website. If you are unsure of how to do that enter a request using our “Submit News” page.

Also, we disclaim in advance any responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any statement submitted, edited and published. We check them as well as we can, but cannot offer a 100% probability of accuracy or truth in any story. You should not base any decisions only on what you read here.

We therefore disclaim any and all responsibility for your decisions.

News outlets and Vendor & Resources Link Directories are also maintained at our related websites:

TempSensor.net – (Directories of Vendors of Temperature & Moisture Sensors and Related Resources) ,

MeasurementDevices.com In Industry & Science – (News & Vendor Directories,)

Measurement DataBases For Industry & Science, (Directories of Technologies – Data – Resources -R&D News), and

MeasurementMedia in Industry & Science (News & Directories of Meetings – Standards – Publications – Education).

Vendor listings and news submissions are self-service and free on those sites, too.

In addition we have an aggregated science & technology news site, lehos tecHeadlines, collecting current news headlines from around the world.

Feel free to review and even marvel at the depth and breath of total technology and science news occurring every day! You can get up to date in a just a few minutes just by CLICKING HERE!

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