Advancing science for water purification

Online. —  We have blogged about how Lake Shore VSMs have been used in biomedical research.

Lately, we have also taken note of the amount of research involving the use of magnetic nanoparticles for improved water treatment applications, yet another area of research where the development of magnetic nanotechnology can influence the lives of everyone.

Innovations like these, when commercialized, will play an important role as demand for fresh water increases globally.

One specific area of research interest involves using magnetic sorbents for removal of heavy metals and other contaminates from water, surpassing what’s currently possible using existing filtration methods for industrial and municipal wastewater remediation.

Certain types of material particles can be engineered to interact with and bind to contaminants, enabling them to become metal catalysts. In turn, when an external magnetic ?eld is applied, the contaminants can be separated during the water treatment process for reduced environmental impact.

Much work has been done in this field, with scientists exploring the synthesis and coating of various nanoscale materials for increased adsorption capacity.

Lake Shore’s VSM technology has assisted in the characterization of such materials, primarily to confirm that the corresponding saturation magnetization (Ms) of the materials is large enough to enable magnetic separation.

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