DSEI 2017: HGH Infrared Systems introduces Spynel V-LRF

Improving the recognition phase in the event of a threat

The V-LRF powerful innovationOnline — At DSEI 2017 in London (September 12-15th), HGH Infrared Systems will showcase another leading-edge improvement for the successful Spynel-S and Spynel-X.

These two members of the Spynel family, already giving the best image quality and the longest detection range on the market, can now be equipped with a Visible Channel, a Laser Range Finder, or both.

This option is called V-LRF.

The V-LRF powerful innovation aims to facilitate the recognition phase of the threat detected by the sensor’s panoramic detection system.

Indeed, the user will be able to use a x30 continuous optical zoom thanks to their full HD Visible Channel, in order to keep an eye on the threat and to recognize the smallest objects.

The other option is an eyesafe Laser Range Finder, whose mission is to provide the user with accurate data regarding the distance of the detected threat, be it on land, at sea or in the air.

Edouard Campana, Director of sales at HGH Infrared Systems, said : “Such a leading-edge improvement is another evidence of HGH’s spirit of innovation, which has been a priority for more than 30 years.”

This revolution in the history of Spynel will meet the high demand for drone and micro-drone detection, and please the maritime surveillance sector, always looking for the most accurate technology.

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