FLIR thermal infrared cameras detect steel defects

The Billet InspectIR

Billet InspectIR
The Billet InspectIR consists of a thermal imaging camera enclosure, signal processing system, operating control cabinet, induction heater, induction coils, water cooling system, conveyor and defect marking equipment.

Meer, Belgium — In order to improve on the current methods for non-destructive testing for steel
billets, South-African technology specialist H. Rohloff (Pty) Limited has developed the Billet
InspectIR, an automated, high-speed system for the in-line inspection of steel billets and
tubes using several FLIR thermal Infrared imaging cameras as the principle detection devices.

The advanced system fully relies on thermal imaging technology from FLIR to detect surface defects on round and square steel billets.

The request for an automated inspection system came out of the steel industry itself.

“A customer steel producer wanted something to replace the manual, visual inspection system that was in place,” comments Mr. Louie van der Walt, technical director at H. Rohloff.

“The existing method was time-intensive and offered no traceability. The new solution needed to offer traceability and associated documentation for quality control purposes.”

Other requirements included that the inspection had to be fast and safe, sensitive, reliable and preferably contactless. The ability to quickly categorize billet defects according to orientation, length and depth was also important.

Application story

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