Hi Resolution Dual Sensor EVS System (Thermal Infrared & Visible light)

Max-Viz Proudly announces the certification and production of the Max-Viz 2300 EVS

certification and production of the Max-Viz 2300 EVSONLINE — Max-Viz (Enhanced Vision Systems) EVS helps pilots to see better at night, in bad weather, smog, smoke, haze and light fog.

The Max-Viz 2300 is a lightweight, solid-state, low power, uncooled thermal infrared camera with zoom capability.

Compatible with leading MFDs and EFBs, the sensor image can be presented on any display that accepts Composite Video (RS-170) NTSC or PAL signals.

Max-Viz 2300 Specifications


• Hi Resolution Multi Spectral Imager
• 640×480 Long Wave Infrared sensor
• Visible Light sensor for “seeing” LEDs blended with Long Wave allows for a Dual Video Output; Blended B&W for cockpit (patented) and separate color HD-compatible visible camera feed (720 x 480) for CES or Video Recorder
• Patented Blending and Dynamic Range Management Image Processing
• Combined Vision System (CVS) compatible – software design provides for future SVS/EVS integration with SVS
• Generation Three – same form factor for easy legacy product upgrade
• Individual pins allows maximum flexibility for placement of control switches
• Digital Zoom field of view from 45? x 33.75? to 30? x 22.5?
• Composite Video (RS-170) NTSC or PAL signal compatible with leading MFDs & EFBs
• Integral window heaters for operation in all conditions
• Temperature Operating Environment; -55 ?C to +70 ?C
• Pixel non-uniformity correction
• Manufactured in AS9100 Certified facility
• Solid State technology – no routine maintenance require
• Flexible installation options – Minimal Down Time
• US Department of Commerce Export Controlled (not ITAR)


• Input: 28 VDC
• 0.5 Amps for sensor operation
• 3.0 Amps when Heaters are activated


• < 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg)

For more details online, visit: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2017-05-15/max-viz-2300-evs-certified-do-160g

Max-Viz was founded in 2001 by industry veterans; supported by some of the country’s finest venture capital firms. In 2012, the company was purchased by Astronics Corporation but remains intact as a business unit and wholly owned subsidiary. The parent company website is www.astronics.com.

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