NEW: DexTempTM 1000 Infrared Thermometer

Powered through PC USB Port

DexTempTM 1000

Dexter, MI, USA  —  The Dexter Research Center DexTempTM 1000 is a small economical calibrated non-contact alerting thermometer for monitoring the temperature of objects using infrared technology.

The DexTempTM 1000 works in conjunction with a Windows® based computer and is powered via the computer’s USB port. The easy to install software, features real-time temperature plots, over and under temperature SMS text and Email alerts, and data logging on your computer.

The user can set over temperature and under temperature alert limits that notify by SMS text and email when an alert threshold has been met or exceeded, as well as notification on your computer.

The DexTempTM 1000 is based on Dexter’s leadership in infrared thermopile technology, and supports easy set-up for measuring temperature without contact with an object.


  • IT Server Temperature Monitoring
  • Monitor Temperature of Indoor Gardens and Grow Rooms
  • Monitor Temperature for Home Beer Brewing
  • Alert for potential Freeze or Overheat conditions
  • Liquid temperature measurement


  • Monitor temperature of an object and receive SMS text and Email Alerts when object temperature goes outside user set High and Low temperature thresholds
  • Non-contact Infrared temperature measurement range: -4 °F to 716 °F (-20 °C to 380 °C)
  • Automatically sends Text/Email temperature Alerts
  • User defined High and Low temperature Alerts
  • Text/Email notification when temperature returns to within limits
  • Selectable “time threshold exceeded” before Alert
  • Audible and visual alarms on computer
  • Temperature measurements 2 times per second
  • Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Temperature data logging stored on computer for future retrieval and analysis
  • Economical and Low cost, No monitoring fees (standard text messaging rates may apply)
  • Easy software installation and set-up
  • Display and Plot up to three DexTempTM 1000 on one computer simultaneously
  • User assignable device names
  • Standard tripod mount (¼”-20 threaded hole)
  • Small sensor size 1.8”x0.8”x0.75”
  • 35° FOV (Field of View)
  • Automatic restart after power outage (requires additional computer Bios set-up)
  • Operates with Windows® XP, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8 operating systems.


For more detailed information see the datasheet DexTemp1000 (PDF)

Not designed for applications involving personal health, public safety, or other applications more suited to complex and robust technology where high reliability is critical.

Dexter Research Center, Inc. was founded by Robert Toth, Ph.D in 1977. As the leading thin film and materials expert who introduced low-cost high-performance infrared sensing to the world, Bob believes:

  • No other infrared strategy outperforms a thermopile as an affordable sensor, and
  • There is no substitute for collaboration as a means to optimize infrared sensor and detector performance, packaging, reliability and durability, and at the heart of your temperature sensor, motion sensor, smoke detector or motion detector, the detector itself should be optimzed to the task and not demand a work-around to make it perform.

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