NEW Infrared Camera Series for Industrial Vision Uses

Teledyne DALSA’s Calibir™ GX thermal infrared cameras

TN-vacuum-pump-ir from Teledyne DalsaWATERLOO, ON, CANADA –(Marketwired) – Teledyne DALSA has launched its Calibir™ series of long wave infrared (LWIR) cameras for industrial vision applications.

Built to achieve frame rates of up to 90 fps, the shutterless and small form-factor, GX series are ideal for non-destructive testing in applications that include food inspection, parts and packaging, and electronics inspection.

The Calibir™ GX series of thermal infrared cameras are available in 320 x 240, and 640 x 480 resolutions and feature shutter-less operations.

With radiometric functionality, the cameras can accurately measure temperatures between -25 °C and +125 °C.

Advanced calibration allows the camera to deliver images within milliseconds upon power-up, without shutter.

GX thermal infrared cameras deliver continued stable performance and are an ideal choice for long-running, remote monitoring systems.

Key Features:

  • Resolutions: 320 x 240 and 640 X 480
  • NETD: <= 65 mK at 30 fps
  • Frame rates: up to 90 fps
  • Compact size: 29 x 29 x 29 mm
  • Shutterless operation or integrated mechanical shutter
  • Radiometric performance (optional): scene temperature range from -25 °C to +125 °C
  • Advanced trigger options
  • GigE Interface

Please visit the Calibir™ GX thermal camera series product page for more information.

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