New LAN-Wired Temperature Monitoring Kit from Accsense

Monitor Temps in Refrigerators or Freezers with Alarm Capability

LAN Wired Std Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring KitOnline — Do you need an easy way to monitor product temperature in Refrigerators, Freezers and Walk-in Coolers?

CAS DataLoggers has an affordable and reliable solution.

The Accsense Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box.

Forget about having to check the temperature yourself–our automated temperature monitoring systems protect your valuable product 24/7.

Gain Peace of Mind from Regulations and Audits!

Do you need a hassle-free way to monitor product temperature in Refrigerators, Freezers, Walk-in Coolers, Ultra-Low Freezers or Cryos?

If you lose sleep worrying that your fridge or freezer might fail without you knowing until it’s too late, an Accsense system can provide you with immediate notification.

With over 10,000 active users in Life Sciences, Medical, Food, and Industrial applications, Accsense offers a range of refrigerator and freezer temperature monitoring systems to meet any need or budget.

Accsense automated temperature monitoring systems continuously monitor and record temperature, send alarm notifications on temperatures or power outage, provide historical data for regulatory compliance, and offer you peace of mind.

Our Kit includes:


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