New Smart Thermal Imaging Cameras

From Testo

Online — Testo have launched a brand-new range of ‘Smart’ thermal cameras.

Designed for contractors in HVAC, Facilities Maintenance, Electrical, Plant and Building Maintenance, these four new cameras are the ultimate diagnostic tool.

Brand new innovative features make analysis even simpler.

Together with instant customer reports, and an unbeatable price-performance ratio, this new range may well mark the right time to get involved for engineers who want to step up to a professional instrument or who haven’t yet embraced thermal imaging technology.

4 options – find a camera to suit you

Testo’s new range includes 4 cameras, each with their own set of features: the testo 865, testo 868, testo 871 and testo 872. Starting from just £799 RLP, they show that top quality “Made in Germany” and an attractive price are not mutually exclusive.

Whether you have never had a thermal imaging camera in your toolkit before or are looking to upgrade to the most modern solution available, there’s never been a better time to consider making the addition.

Offering unparalleled performance and usability, Testo’s new range of Smart thermal cameras are designed to improve the workflow of HVAC technicians without breaking the bank.

Smart Support Features

The new range of Testo thermal cameras have a range of new Smart support features to help users avoid common mistakes:

Testo ?-Assist — By applying a special sticker (?-marker) onto the measurement object, the integrated digital camera of the imager recognises it, measures both the emissivity and reflected temperature and sets both values automatically.

Testo ScaleAssist – The newly developed ‘testo ScaleAssist’ function adjusts the colour distribution of the scale to the interior and exterior temperature of the measurement object and the difference between them.

Testo IFOV-Warning – This outlines when your Spatial Resolution is not good enough at certain distance, meaning you may not be able to see certain small details.

Differential Temperature measurement – The user is able to identify the difference between two temperatures simultaneously.

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