New stationary, non-invasive road weather sensor

For smart traffic applications from Lufft

new-product-road-sensor-starwis-stationary-road-weather-stationFellbach/Germany — After a year of development work, a new generation of Lufft stationary street weather sensors is now ready for market launch.

The StaRWIS, which is installed at a measuring distance of 5.5 meters above the road, is based on an award-winning and innovative LED technology.

The easy-to-install and compact StaRWIS is a new stationary sensor for road weather information systems. It is based on a non-invasive, spectroscopic measuring principle.

The StaRWIS sensor is particularly suitable for hard-to-reach or critical locations, which make installation on the ground difficult or impossible. This includes, for example, bridges or city streets.

StaRWIS provides the values of road temperature, dew point temperature, water film height, road conditions (dry, wet, ice, snow, critical and chemically wet), relative humidity, the percentage of ice and friction.

In November 2017, a firmware update will expand the capabilities to include the freezing point temperature and dew point density.

Further information on StaRWIS you find on its product page: StaRWIS product page.

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