Night Vision & Optics Handbook 2017

Featuring Thermoteknix Infrared Products

FuseIR Fused Night Vision MonocularOnline — The Night Vision and Optics Handbook 2017 has just been released by Shephard Media. It features a wide range of Thermoteknix Night Vision products, including  the FuseIR Fused Night Vision Infrared device.

FuseIR combines a high performance  image intensifier (I²) device with a powerful uncooled MicroCAM thermal infrared imager in a small lightweight unit which delivers the best of both worlds: I², Thermal or Fused operation extending the user’s low light and night time capability for maximum situation awareness.

Over the years, many groundbreaking and now industry-standard technologies have been developed by Thermoteknix responding to the demanding challenges brought to us by our clients.

The thermal/night vision range includes NiCAM-14 NVG Image Intensifiers, TiCAM thermal imaging monoculars and binoculars and award-winning ClipIR clip on thermal imagers for fused night vision.

You can read more about Thermoteknix’s NV and Thermal Imaging systems here.

Issue 15 NV&O HandbookThe Night Vision and Optics Handbook has become well established as an invaluable and useful guide to equipment for military, parapublic and civil users around the world.

It has over 140 pages of photographs, specifications and supplier information in the following sections:

  • Airborne Systems
  • Ground Systems
  • Maritime Systems
  • Core Systems
  • Product Guide – an easy guide to who makes what
  • Guide to suppliers – A-Z of the industry supplying this sector


It is priced at $110 USD and is available online at

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