RH & Temperature Transmitter Has Interchangeable Probes

E+E’s New EE220

 EE220 Humidity and temperature transmitter with interchangeable probesOnline — The EE220 transmitter measures relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) in the range from -40 °C to 80 °C (-40 °F to 176 °F) with a high accuracy of ±2 % RH and ±0.1 °C (±0.18 °F).

The EE220 basis unit can be equipped with a combined RH/T probe or with separate probes for RH and T, whereby the probes can be connected either directly or with extension cables up to 10 m length.

The EE220‘s easy-to-clean metal enclosure and stainless steel probes are ideal for clean rooms as well as for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Loop calibration according to FDA recommendation

The use of separate stainless steel sensing probes for RH and T enables most accurate loop calibration, as recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Using extension cables and without dismounting the EE220 basis unit, the RH probe can be placed in a portable humidity calibrator (e.g. HUMOR 20) and the T probe in a dry block calibrator. Thus, the entire measurement chain from the probe to the controller can be calibrated on-site (loop calibration).

The probes can be individually adjusted with push buttons on the E220 electronics board. Adjustment and calibration is particularly comfortable using the optional display, which can be simply plugged onto the EE220 board for this purpose.

Accuracy check with reference probes

A functional and accuracy check of the EE220 basis unit can be performed using reference probes instead of the regular probes. The reference probes simulate defined RH and T values.

Further features and options:

  • Sensor protection by E+E proprietary coating
  • Metal and polycarbonate enclosure and sensing probes
  • Suitable for wall mount and rail installation according to DIN EN 50002
  • Duct mounting kit
  • LC-Display


For more information and technical data about the EE220 please visit the E+E website at https://www.epluse.com/en/products/humidity-instruments/industrial-humidity-transmitters/ee22/.

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