SkyCast™ Wind & Thermodynamic Profiling System

Stand 3060 at Meteorological Technology World  Expo

Total Wind and Thermodynamic Profiling SolutionsOnline —  Radiometrics will present its SkyCast™ wind and thermodynamic profiling system, which provides continuous, real-time profiles of boundary layer wind, temperature and humidity.

SkyCast™ systems optimized for aviation weather support incorporate VizAir software from WDSS International to deliver alerts and other weather decision support tools optimized for airports.

Within the past year, Radiometric has installed SkyCast™systems at Abu Dhabi International Airport (see attached photo), and Dongsha Island, Republic of China (Taiwan).

In August 2017, Typhoon Hato passed directly over the SkyCast system installed on Dongsha Island, and Radiometrics will display wind and thermodynamic measurements from the storm.

Radiometrics manufactures, installs and services remote sensing systems that deliver continuous wind, temperature, humidity and liquid profiles. In addition to the SkyCast system, Radiometrics product line includes RAPTOR™ radar wind profilers, the MP-Series thermodynamic profiling microwave radiometers, and AWP acoustic wind profilers (sodars). For over 30 years, Radiometrics has provided hundreds of customers worldwide with remote sensing systems that incorporate reliable and accurate electronics, innovative software tools, and unmatched technical support. Applications include forecasting and nowcasting, atmospheric research, and environmental monitoring.

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