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CLEAN-AP™ Clutter SuppressionOnline  —  Do you want your radar calibrated, and eliminating clutter constantly and automatically in all types of changing environments, across your entire radar network without the need for specialized knowledge or staff?

Do you have challenging terrain that limits the usefulness and understandability of your radar data?

CLEAN AP™ clutter suppression allows your radar to constantly and automatically account for terrain without clutter maps. This unique technology is available from Baron through an exclusive agreement with the University of Oklahoma.

Baron Gen3 radar address these and other needs and challenges to constantly and automatically produce the highest quality data with very limited human interaction.

Additionally, patented and automated radial-by-radial calibration techniques ensure continuously accurate radar imagery in constantly changing meteorological environments, while reducing staffing needs across the entire network.

Learn more about Baron Gen3 radar in Meteorological Technology World Expo booth 10000.

The CLEAN-AP™ trademark is owned by the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma.

Do you want your radar data integrated with all your other weather data into an easy to use display that allows you to forecast and inform from one system?

Baron Lynx provides accurate display and analysis of meteorological data obtained by your network, from pathcasting to global satellite imagery, forecast modeling, hydrology and value-added products.

A four-panel display mode allows meteorologists to view multiple data products simultaneously for complete situational awareness.

In addition to serving as the visualization hub for your weather assets, the system enables easy sharing of weather imagery and video to authorized websites and social media.

The graphical capabilities of Baron Lynx make it an excellent resource for weather briefings. The system requires no modification for this application, and is delivered ready for use as a briefing tool.

See Baron Lynx and our other systems in action in Meteorological Technology World Expo booth 10000.

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