Upcoming Infrared Thermography Training Classes

USA & Canada By The Snell Group

Snellgroup_logoOnline  —  Expand your IR & EMT horizons with The Snell Group’s top notch live infrared training and webinar courses.

If you are looking for pre-recorded online courses or on-demand webinars please view our full Training Schedule.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and specialty Snell infrared training classes are scheduled worldwide on a regular basis through both Snell Infrared and Snell Infrared International.

Level I – Thermographic Applications »

August 14-18Toronto, Ontario
August 21-25Indianapolis, IN
September 11-15Denver, CO
September 11-15Minneapolis, MN
September 18-22Chicago (Palatine), IL
September 18-22Seattle, WA
September 25-29Calgary, Alberta
September 25-29Little Rock, AR
October 2-6Cincinnati, OH
October 16-20Toronto, Ontario
October 16-20Saint John, New Brunswick
October 16-20Omaha, NE
October 23-27Tampa, FL
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Level II – Advanced Infrared Thermography »

August 21-25Indianapolis, IN
September 18-22Chicago (Palatine), IL
September 18-22Seattle, WA
October 2-6Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 30 – Nov 3Tampa, FL

To register, visit: https://www.thesnellgroup.com/training-registration

The Snell Group also offer customized on-site infrared training courses that can be arranged to meet the needs of your operations and facility, web-based seminars, and online training courses.

Additionally, they have electronic web-based seminars available that provide another supplemental learning opportunity for those are new to the technology and want to learn more, or that have already taken Snell thermography classes or classes from other organizations.

The Snell Group is a leading expert on using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electrical Motor Testing (EMT) to reduce risk, increase up-time, save money, conserve energy, and improve safety. Snell offers infrared training, infrared inspection services, infrared consulting, and infrared certification information for IR and EMT professionals and their programs world-wide.

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