Blood Bags With RFID Chips

Secure Transport From Vein To Vein

Image credit: Siemens

Blood donations save lives. But it does happen that donations become mixed up en route from the donor to the recipient, or the blood deteriorates because it has not been sufficiently cooled ??? things which are very difficult to verify before a transfusion takes place.

A consortium led by Siemens, in conjunction with the Medical University in Graz, Austria, has developed an RFID system with temperature sensors.

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The radio labels contain all the blood data and monitor the entire cooling chain with a temperature sensor, ensuring that the blood is correctly preserved.

The chip is not removed at any point during the entire transport chain ??? even in the centrifuge. This electronic system comprising a temperature sensor, battery and chip is so robust that it is able to withstand being centrifuged at up to 5,000 times the acceleration of gravity…