FusionLive??? Software Security Enhancements

Safe & reliable?? wireless temp monitoring for Healthcare & Food Services

Sherman Oaks CA, USA –?? E-Control Systems releases enhancements for FusionLive??? Enterprise Server Software with advanced encryption algorithms. Now, all of E-Control Systems??? equipment can communicate to FusionLive??? with an added layer of security based on the industry standard SSL v3 and TLS protocol.

Using advanced features of the TLS protocol with bilateral connection mode (???mutual authentication??? or ???2SSL???) all equipment and server software is assured a 2-way secure communications link.

This provides endpoint authentication and communications confidentiality over the Internet using RSA security with 1024-bit or 2048-bit encryption strength.

The use of such a high encryption standard in low-cost, internet-enabled devices, not only assures a safe and reliable solution, but is also unparalleled in the industry and represents a pioneering effort by E-Control Systems. As a result, E-Control Systems provides the safest wireless temperature monitoring system and most advanced security features available in the market.

Terry Fischer, Vice President of E-Control Systems, explains that, ???As a consequence of fierce competition and cyber-terrorist threats, both Food Service and Healthcare operations are at high risk. They must protect their operations and networks from internal and external threats.

“Over the last two years, we have been aggressively expanding our software portfolio to broaden and deepen our capabilities, strictly focusing on the customers??? needs. These efforts have been met with great success as more customers are choosing E-Control Systems to meet their wireless monitoring needs.???

FusionLive??? provides a snapshot of the entire operation???s status in a single screen. School Food Service Directors and Maintenance Managers can view activity and cabinet performance for the whole school district simultaneously.

This critical tool empowers them to react to alarm occurrences and incorporate corrective actions and preventative measures to enhance their operation. Drill-down features give a glimpse of specific schools to check location-based status, run Daily Average Temperature or Alarm reports, or graph temperatures to monitor trends.

FusionLive??? has far-reaching benefits and features that extend to Healthcare and other segments as well.

In a hospital environment, the Pharmacy Director can customize the dashboard to display all pharmacy locations and any other relevant areas to day-to-day operation management (i.e. lab, nurse???s stations, blood banks, morgue, operating/exam/emergency rooms, etc.) throughout the hospital while the Nutrition or Food Service Director can focus their dashboard on the food service operation alone without the distraction of other monitored areas within the hospital.

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E-Control Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of the innovative HACCP and JCAHO wireless temperature monitoring systems. With thousands of installations of the IntelliSense??? and IntelliCheck??? wireless solutions and the new FusionLive??? software, E-Control Systems provides any Food Service, Healthcare, or related business with a comprehensive system for monitoring the entire operation.

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