Medisim Ltd Announces Medisim-USA

Medisim-USA based in Holly Springs North Carolina

Holly Springs NC, USA –?? Medisim Ltd. is pleased to announce the formation of a United States subsidiary; Medisim-USA based in Holly Springs NC. Medisim is best known for the highly regarded Temple Touch thermometer.

John Wilson, who has led operations for Medisim Ltd. in America since 2008, has been named President of Medisim-USA.

Wilson has more than 40 years of experience in the medical device industry including manufacturing, product development, marketing, sales, and business development with Omron Healthcare and Becton Dickinson.

Medisim???s fever measurement products have been available in the U.S. market for more than five years, sold through a third party distributor.

???I look forward to the opportunities ahead as Medisim-USA shapes the future of the fever measurement market in the U.S.,??? said Wilson. ???The formation of the U.S. subsidiary is the result of a desire to better serve our retail partners and to speed the introduction of our latest, patented technology in non-invasive fever measurement.???

???Few people understand the medical device industry and the needs of our customers better than John Wilson,??? said Medisim Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Moshe Yarden. ???His commitment to the health of our customers through quality medical products is unparalleled. John also brings the experience and vision to turn challenges in the health care industry into solutions.???

Medisim-USA has also named Mark Jago Vice President of Sales. Jago has held numerous sales and marketing positions in the medical products industry, most recently as Vice President of Sales at Microlife, USA. He previously worked for Becton Dickinson, Unilever and Home Diagnostics, Inc.

Medisim Ltd. is the maker of Temple Touch thermometers. Temple Touch thermometers deliver clinically accurate, non-invasive core body temperature in only six (6) seconds by gently touching the thermometer to the temple. Because of this sensitivity, Temple Touch is ideal for use on a sleeping infant or child, and is a preferable alternative to traditional mercury or digital stick thermometers. It has quickly become a favorite of mom???s and was recently awarded an iParenting Media Award and Mom???s Choice Award.

The proprietary and patented technology behind Temple Touch products is so revolutionary that it has formed a new category in the thermometer market??? conductive forehead thermometers. The product uses Medisim???s patented R.A.T.E.??? (Rapid, Accurate, Temperature Establishment) technology which provides accurate detection of the core body temperature using conduction. Other temple or forehead thermometers use infrared technology which can be influenced by ambient or skin temperature conditions leading to a loss of accuracy.

In late 2009, the company was also awarded its second U.S. patent for “Non-Invasive Temperature Measurement??? technology. The U.S. patent covers a unique technology to allow for non-invasive measurement of core body temperature using conduction rather than infra-red (IR) technology.

Temple Touch Mini thermometers can be found nationwide at Wal-Mart stores under the ReliOn?? brand; the Temple Touch Premium is currently available at Walgreens??. A branded option will be introduced later this year. The company is also developing products for physician offices and hospitals based on its patented non invasive technology.

For more information on the Temple Touch thermometer, please visit

R.A.T.E ??? Rapid, Accurate, Temperature, Establishment

Conventional digital fever thermometers try to predict the final body temperature based on a few sample data points as the thermometer probe absorbs heat from the body site where it is applied. In order to shorten measurement time, manufacturers have to rely on fewer data points and thus trade off accuracy for speed.

IR (infrared) thermometers, like ear thermometers, are very fast, and instantly read surface temperatures.

However, they need to use algorithms to convert the measured surface temperature to an equivalent body temperature reference. The algorithms cannot be ideal for every user and the surfaces that are being measured by the sensor can be affected by environmental factors that can also introduce errors in the displayed results.

R.A.T.E. is unique and it is based upon fundamental laws of thermodynamics.

The patented sensors measure the heat flow from the body and through the sensors. Calculations are then performed on the data developed over a brief time frame and the core body temperature is identified.

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