Some doses of H1N1 vaccine got too cold

A temperature sensor in an earlier shipment indicated that some 2008?? flu vaccine may have been exposed to excessive cold

Vancouver WA, USA — Reported in an article January 6th by By Tom Vogt, Columbian Staff Writer on their website: The Columbian entitled: Some H1N1 shots at Kaiser Salmon Creek need to be redone.

The vaccine used for swine flu vaccine administered before 11 a.m. Dec. 14-22 at the Salmon Creek Kaiser medical office got too cold while being stored and is potentially ineffective.

Although there was no clear statement of the source of the excess cold determination for the H1N1 vaccine, it was reported that:

In October 2008, Kaiser issued a similar advisory with a shipment of seasonal influenza vaccine.

A temperature sensor in a shipment indicated that the 2008 seasonal flu vaccine may have been exposed to excessive cold. Packed deep inside a shipping crate, the temperature sensor wasn???t discovered until thousands of doses of vaccine had been administered.

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