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Vehicle Temperature Table — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for directing readers to the original article on UGA website. I had actually gone directly to that source in hopes of getting a printable & somewhat more legible table to use for a brief safety topic at work – But it’s very disappointing that although UGA still has the article posted, the image of the table is no longer anywhere to be found on their website (unless deeply buried). A great service that you posted it & with several recent incidents in the national media, it’s time to give it even MORE press. If you have a better image I’d love to have it, but since this is an old post, I’ll likely have to build my own. Thank you.

  2. Interesting question.
    No idea, but since the rain would not cool the interior of the vehicle (it’s only on the outside) and the majority of the heating effect is due to the effective “greenhouse effect”, I suspect that the net effect of the rain would be due to the decrease in solar radiation reaching the car caused by the rain. It is not easy to speculate without some actual net transmission numbers. That’s a job for the thermal radiation transmission modeling people who could likely make estimates based upon a range of rain and overcast conditions.

    Any takers???

  3. Thanks for the info. Do you know what the temperature increase would be if it were raining? For example, if it’s 85 outside and raining, were there any tests to see how much the inside car temperature increases and how quickly? Thanks.

  4. I do not believe that would be a factor, certainly not in a heat transfer estimate. It would probably affect the comfort level, but when the temperature reaches such high levels, i.e. above about 100 Degrees F, I do not think comfort is the main issue.

  5. I live in Arizona. I am wondering if the heat temperature inside of a car would be different in an area were the weather conditions are drier than they are in Georgia. I gather that would be my question. Would these results be the same in a drier arid climate, versus your more humid climate of Georgia? Thank you

  6. That’s OK with us. The link to the original table is on the same webpage as our story. You may have a chance for a better image of it there.
    Best wishes,
    Ray Peacock

  7. I would like to be able to print the table in the article and make a poster to use in a Safety class.

  8. my name is Eric Koss, im an Investigator with the Converse County Attorneys Office in Douglas Wyoming. i am investigating a case where a 2 year old child was left in a vehicel with the windows up for several hours. i am trying to get an indide temperature for the vehicle. if you have any information that could help me out it would be appreciated.
    my contact information is eric koss at the above e-mail or 307 351 3758

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