A Social Network at ExTech

Plus a Real Blog From The Infrared Training Center (ITC)

Southampton PA, USA –??We said in an article a few days ago there was no blog at Extech Instruments website or at the Infrared Training Center (ITC) website. We were right and wrong. Extech doesn’t have a real blog, yet, that?? we could see without joining up by proffering our email address and birthdate.

They have what they call a Social Network and it might have a blog inside a firewall. You have to sign up to see what Extech has beyond a few “teasers” on the home page! We don’t consider that a blog, nor do most Web geeks.

The blog we found at BlogSpot run by Mr. Gary Orlove of the ITC is certainly a blog. (Thanks for reminding us about it, Gary, we ‘d overlooked it, somehow.) The IR InformIR (http://irinformir.blogspot.com/) is a real blog but with a few quirks!

The big quirk we saw is that most, if not all, the articles are posted by one person, him. Gary’s a great, friendly, knowledgeable guy. It’s a surprise that more FLIR people aren’t directly involved. Sure there’s some bylines on articles, but Gary submitted them all!

It looks to us totally like one man blog. Gary is listed as the contributor on every article that we saw! Obviously, it isn’t a vital part of the ITC website or FLIR group of websites – they have several – but no standalone blog like the Fluke one mentioned in our story on June 28th.

The only one we have found to date IR InformIR (http://irinformir.blogspot.com/) a free hosted Google Blog site. We think that’s like an after thought or an experiment in marketing.

It’s a blog, but not a very big one, either – there’s only a few posts on it, too. Blogs, by tradition, are not closed or restricted to those who offer up their valuable email address to probable email lists and possible future spammers.

What we think Extech may have behind their closed door is an online club for followers. To request an valid email address is good Website spam protection, but a birthday? Where can one read all the entries or enter a comment without registering?

The ITC’s main competitors, Infraspection Institute * and Snell Infrared do not have dedicated or free blogs, either.

Infraspection does publish news and has an rss newsfeed (like most Blogs), in two different web coding formats, (they’ve had it for years). Snell has no blog, per se, but is listed as a Content Provider to the Fluke Blog.

Anyone can comment or submit an article on our website (here), for example, without a birthdate and it is not even a real blog. We discard the obvious spam inputs, review, and sometimes edit related submissions. Wouldn’t be surprised if ITC operates the same way! There are comments there.

We learned a little about Web marketing by using our own experience plus listening to some of the marketing gurus on the Web like Guy Kawasaki & David Meerman Scott.

They have been preaching to the New Web Marketeers about the power of openness, spreading ideas and sharing stories on the Web as the way to better communications and higher levels of “peopleism”. It reaches deeper than the old school sales and marketing methods, empowers user feedback and builds loyalty and more…trust.

That resonates loud and clear with us and?? we hope our visitors.

We try to practice that same sort of openness on all our websites; most are built on blog platforms. We urge others to try the same fresh spirit of community in friendly competition. There’s enough business on the Web for everyone.

If you want to learn more about the ideas of the Web gurus, download David Meerman Scott‘s free book from the Web: “World Wide Rave“. It’s like a refresh on common marketing sense!

The concept of blogging and Social Networks for thermographers are powerful. Groups with the resources of a Fluke or FLIR could leverage into a quite viable entity or two world-wide. If only…

In the meanwhile, we have been advocating for a Social Network for Infrared Thermographers for a while and there are few serious takers. Visit our exploratory Social Network website at iThermographer.info if you would like to learn more or to participate.


* Infraspection Institute is an advertiser on the MeasurementMedia Website Network, the group that developed and manages this site.

For clarification, this website is not a blog, either. It is a news outlet with self-submitted, edited and reviewed news articles by multiple authors that allows appropriate, reviewed comments on articles to be published, too. It uses the Open Source WordPress blogging software with a customized theme as a CMS, or CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

We do have a real blog, too. It is published as MeasurementBlog.com. We have several smaller ones in various stages of development- to be announced later.