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Vaisala_logoMeasuring weather conditions during harsh winters or in cold climate locations requires quality, reliable technology.


Because extreme temperatures, winds, ice and snow are regular occurrences, and sensor or system failure is not an option when you need to collect weather data.

Important climate research projects are common in places such as the Antarctic, maintenance crews use weather data to keep roadways clear, and renewable energy sites are often located where wind is plentiful, but so is ice and snow.

These are just a few examples where weather data collection provides valuable insight for our daily life.

Download our new Cold Climate eBook and read how Vaisala is using innovative and intelligent technologies to measure conditions in all kinds of winter weather.

Receive instant access to a collection of stories, scientific papers, videos, webinars, and product information, including:

  • Why radiosondes are used for arctic research
  • How Road Weather Information Systems reduce accidents
  • Wind instruments that won’t freeze up and more!


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