Constant Temperature Heated Dry Baths

Uniform Heating for Test Tubes, Cuvettes, and Other Sample Containers


Stamford CT, USA –?? OMEGA?? HDB series heated dry baths provide a safe, and dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for the purpose of incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet ashing, enzyme analysis and a variety of clinical and industrial applications.

Interchangeable aluminum insert blocks are sized to accept tubes or containers ranging from 6 mm to 26 mm diameter. A close fit of the tubes in the block ensures high heat transfer to the tube, and the heater design, thermistor temperature sensor and solid state circuitry give exceptionally good temperature stability and uniformity.

Temperature stability is ??0.1 ??C, and uniformity between blocks is ?? 0.2 ??C (both at 40 ??C).

Temperatures are adjusted in the HDB-1, HDB-2, and HDB-3 using a dial calibrated in degrees celcius. On the HDB-3D, the dial and digital display are used to set the temperature. The digital indicator also provides a continuous temperature display.

A block extraction tool, and threaded fitting machined into the block, allow easy block removal. The threaded hole is also used to insert glass thermometers for accurate temperature measurement of the block.

Models for 1, 2 or 3 Insert Blocks

Solid State Temperature Control

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