Dew Point Measurement Module for High Humidity Applications

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EE1950 Dew Point MeterOnline  —  The EE1950 dew point measurement module is dedicated for demanding OEM applications such as climate and test chambers. The innovative, heated humidity and temperature sensing element HMC01 shows best long-term stability even at continuous high relative humidity.

Excellent temperature compensation ensures high accuracy over the entire working range from ?70 °C to 180 °C (?94 °F to 356 °F).

Additionally, the proprietary E+E coating protects the sensing element from dust, dirt and corrosion.

Together with an additional, external temperature sensor, the EE1950 s for precise calculation of the relative humidity.

High Resistance to Chemical Contamination

The EE1950 features an Automatic Sensor Recovery (ARC) function. By controlled heating, the chemicals gaze out from the sensing element, which improves the long-term stability and service life of the device.

User-Friendly Configuration and Adjustment

The analog output of the EE1950 can be set to current or voltage with a slide switch. The output scaling and adjustment can be easily performed via the service interface and the free EE-PCS product configuration software.

Easy Design-In

The choice of two board sizes and the high-quality, flexible probe cable facilitate the design-in of the EE1950. The stainless steel probe is available in 65 mm (2.56 ?) and 200 mm (7.84 ?) length.

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