Electro Optical Industries’ new controller for infrared blackbodies

A groundbreaking new generation

a brand-new generation of electro-optical testing devices Santa Barbara, CA., USA  – Electro Optical Industries is launching its groundbreaking & brand new electronic controller for blackbodies.

In order to meet and anticipate the needs of the IR sensors market, Electro Optical Industries created and developed an advanced generation of blackbody controllers.

Some of the new features include improved ergonomics and a modern design; enhanced communication abilities for the blackbody – now at the core of the IR camera testing system; and an unparalleled new level of performance for years to come.

Thierry Campos, CEO, added ‘’It is a turning point in the Test & Measurement activity at EOI, which will deeply contribute to its growth. It is also proof that the innovative spirit of the firm is a priority’’.

About Electro Optical Industries:

Founded in 1964, Electro-Optical Industries is a world leader in electro optics and infrared test equipment, thermographic cameras for process control monitoring and infrared wide area surveillance systems for protection of a variety of applications.

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