HumiCalc?? with Uncertainty


Albuquerque NM, USA — The Ultimate in Complex Humidity Conversions features highly accurate formulas that replace charts and tables. It automatically applies enhancement factors and temperature/pressure corrections.

It includes user selectable units for temperature, pressure, vapor pressure, density, and enthalpy. Now includes the ability to calculate uncertainty and As Found Error


HumiCalc?? software is the first of its kind to make simple work of complex humidity conversions. No more charts! No more tables! No more guess work!?? With its high accuracy formulas, HumiCalc?? gives you the right answer every time.
The new HumiCalc?? with Uncertainty expands on the original HumiCalc?? with the ability to calculate complex humidity uncertainties with ease.


HumiCalc?? with Uncertainty

  • 1GHz Intel?? Pentium?? or equivalent processor 256MB of RAM (512MB recommended for complex uncertainty scenarios)
  • Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • Microsoft?? Windows?? 7 (x86 or x64), Microsoft Windows Vista?? SP2 (x86 or x64), Microsoft Windows XP?? SP3 (x86 only) Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Version 4.0 Adobe?? Acrobat?? Reader
  • Internet Browser

Uncertainty Functionality

HumiCalc?? with Uncertainty can make simple work of Uncertainty budgets by giving you a calculator that performs all your humidity uncertainty calculations automatically.

Validation Package: HumiCalc with Uncertainty Validation is a series of documents used to confirm that the HumiCalc with Uncertainty application complies with its requirements and specifications.

The validation contains around 1,800 pages of test cases composed of detailed mathematical calculations for the core conversion, derivative uncertainty and unit calculations.

Features detailed requirements explaining the core conversion, derivative uncertainty and unit calculations of HumiCalc with Uncertainty.

Individual test cases arranged in a mathematical view that validate a given requirement or set of given requirements. Test cases that are organized in a way that provides a step-by-step validation that is easy to follow and reproduced.

Test case to requirement tractability. Pass/Fail results for each test case.

HumiCalc with uncertainty Validation Document can be purchased separately.

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Demo Software Download

HumiCalc with Uncertainty Demo SoftwareDownload HumiCalc?? with Uncertainty Demo Software

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