Infrared Collimator

LWC-58 Collimator Attachment for MRTD-50 Differential Blackbody


Newton MA, USA — ??This collimator attachment allows infinity-focus testing of Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) optics and Infrared Thermal Imaging and Night Vision cameras of apertures up to 58 mm.

The instrument???s germanium lens is coated for operation from 7???14 ?m.

Optics for other wavebands may be furnished upon request.

Key Features

??? Allows for testing of apertures up to 58mm
??? Germanium coated lens provides use from 7 ??? 14 ?m
??? Software available for MTF / MRTD / NEDT characterization
??? Refractive optics provide calibration in a compact differential blackbody
??? IR target projection

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