The New 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temp Scanner

Easy to calibrate temp sensors with the 1586A & Fluke Calibration dry-well calibrator

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Screen Shot When connected to a Fluke Calibration dry-well calibrator, the 1586A Super-DAQ ramps the dry-well through a series of user-defined setpoint temperatures.

At each setpoint, the 1586A Super-DAQ automatically records readings for the reference thermometer and one or more sensors under test.

You perform a few simple setup steps, make the proper connections, and you’re ready to go.

See just how easy automated temperature sensor calibration can be.

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With the acquisition of the Precision Measurement Division of Wavetek Wandell Goltermann in early 2000, Fluke has firmly strengthened its already huge global leadership position in the electrical calibration marketplace. Subsequent acquisitions of Hart Scientific and DH Instruments added expertise and product lines in temperature and pressure/flow calibration, respectively. The Fluke Calibration line of calibrators, standards, waveform generators, calibration software products, and support equipment provide exacting standards for companies and government organizations who rely on tightly calibrated instruments for their quality and standards programs, as well as to meet strict international quality requirements.

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