New NIST Special Publication 1088 (SP1088) on LIG Thermometers

Example of a foreign object  in the glass capillary[Image, from the SP is Fig. 2. Example of a foreign object (glass chip with the red circle) in the glass capillary – Courtesy NIST]

On Recalibration of Liquid-in-glass (LIG) Thermometers

Gaitherburg MD, USA — NIST’s SP819 provided a method for the recalibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers at the ice point, and recommended the use of this method instead of full recalibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers.

The new publication, NIST Special Publication 1088 (SP1088), supercedes the older SP819. The guidance from the new document differs significantly from SP819. In particular:

* organic thermometers are discussed explicitly
* the document is written in a manner consistent with modern approaches to measurement traceability
* maintenance and validation practices are presented in more detail
* single-point recalibration at the ice point is only recommended for mercury filled thermometers, and only over a limited temperature range.

This document is the work of the U.S. government and not subject to copyright restrictions. You and any other recipient of the document may disseminate the document freely.

It will be posted on the NIST website after a major revision of the site is completed.

In the meanwhile, a pdf version of the document may be found online at About Temperatures Sensors (

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