Portable Bench-Top Wind Tunnel For Thermal Evaluations

Circuit Boards, Heat Sinks, Components & Air Velocity Sensor Calibrations
WT-2000:Wind Tunnel For Thermal Evaluation

Stamford CT, USA — The new thermal wind tunnel from OMEGA is designed to give a highly accurate and uniform air flow rate. Four powerful DC fans are precisely controlled to provide variable air speeds from 0 to 1000 ft/min.

The WT-2000 wind tunnel was designed to provide thermal characterization of circuit boards, heat sinks and components. The unit is made of clear polycarbonate and PVC for a durable and transparent assembly.

Summary Specs:

Air Flow Rate: 5 m/s (0 to 1000 ft/min)
Size: 805 mm L x 184 mm W x 484 mm H (31.7″ x 7.3″ x 19.1″)
Weight: 12.48 kg (27.5 lb)
Test Chamber: 430 x 82.5 mm cross section (17″ x 3.25″)
Fan Speed: 3800 RPM
DC Fan Motor: 12 Vdc @ 0.47 A ea (5.6 W ea) x 4
Noise: 61 dBA max, 1 meter away

Prices Start at:$ 4,995.00 USD
Full details online at: www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=WT-2000


*All specifications measurements at ambient room temperature of 22.2 ??C (70 ??F) with less than 80% relative humidity and 760 mm (29.92″) of Hg barometric pressure.

Comes with fully assembled wind tunnel test chamber, electronic control box controller fan control cable, PC interface cable, molded power cord (for US, Canada, and Mexico), complete operator’???s manual, and PC interface software CD.

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