Tel-Tru Check-Temp Thermometer Calibrators

For School Food Services

Woodland Hills CA, USA — Green Edge Systems, Inc. presents the Tel-Tru Check-Temp Thermometer Calibrators for School Food Services at the Sempra Conference for School Food Services managements, Downey, CA , February 23, 2010, the Florida School Nutrition Association Exhibition, the National School Nutrition Association Exhibition in Dallas, TX and the Texas School Nutrition Association Exhibition TASN 2010, San Antonio, TX Booth #643 .

The Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrators allow accurate verification of thermometer accuracy at the temperature points critical to the user???s actual application.

The calibrators offer several factory set single and dual calibration points, and specified models fit probes up to 0.250″, 0.125″, 0.187″, and 0.375″ diameter.

A built-in tool can be used for recalibration, if required, of dial thermometers.

For digital thermometers actual performance can be checked against accuracy specifications.

Use with thermometer probes of all sizes, both dial and digital!

Each Check-Temp unit is serialized and certified traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Testing). Built into each unit is circuitry that warns if the unit is more than one degree out of calibration.

As part of their HACCP program, school food services can use the Check-Temp calibrators to verify their accuracy of their thermometers.

Fast, easy to use, and accurate, The Tel-Tru Check-Temp calibrator allows accurate verification of the thermometer accuracy at the temperature point critical to the user???s actual application.

Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrators are manufactured in Tel-Tru???s Rochester NY factory.

HACCP based food safety programs require accurate record keeping to be successful. Temperature is often the parameter of interest when monitoring a critical control point (CCP).

To assure that a temperature dependent process is under control a calibrated thermometer must be used to record temperatures. The majority of thermometers can be calibrated following a few basic procedures.

To be considered accurate, a thermometer must be calibrated to measure within ?? 2 ??F of the actual temperature.

Actual temperature can be determined in a variety of ways including measurement with an NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified reference thermometer or simply through using an ice water solution or boiling water.

Now, the Tel-Tru Check-Temp reasonably priced calibrators provide a simple, quick and reliable to use alternative.

The simplest and cheapest way to calibrate a thermometer is through either the use of ice water or boiling water.

Distilled water should always be used as dissolved solutes in tap water can significantly affect both freezing and melting points.

Another important consideration is the altitude at which calibration is being performed. At sea level, pure water boils at 212 ??F, but at 10,000 feet above sea level it boils at only 194 ??F and at 2,000 feet above sea level it boils at only 208 ??F. Barometric pressure also has an effect on boiling point but the effect is much less than that of altitude.

Thermometers intended for measuring higher temperature items, such as cooked product, should be calibrated in boiling water while those used for taking lower temperatures should be calibrated in ice water.

When calibrating in ice water both the water and ice should be composed of distilled water.

In either case care should be taken to prevent the thermometer from contacting the container being used as this could result in erroneous temperature readings.

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