Ultra High Accuracy in Temp Measurement With TCs

Calibration of Thermocouple Wire at Multiple Points
A new report by Jerry Gaffney, Chief Engineer, GEC Instruments

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Errors in 16 Thermocouple Readings

Gainesville FL 32653 USA — A previous document, ???Achieving Ultra High Accuracy in Temperature Measurements With Thermocouples???, described instrumentation and methods developed by GEC Instruments to achieve high accuracy in temperature measurements with type T thermocouples in multiple channel instruments.

Because the deviation of thermocouple EMF from the standard reference functions is typically nonlinear with temperature, a 2 point calibration yields good results at the end points of the calibration but less accuracy at intermediate points.

More recently GEC have developed a system with a new reference junction measurement accurate to ?? 0.003 ??C. It involves multiple point calibration over the range of interest. For multiple channel instruments, all thermocouples for that instrument are obtained from the same lot or same roll of thermocouple wire.

You can download and read the whole story in PDF format by clicking here:?? http://gecinstruments.com/Gec%20Ultra%20Accurate%20Thermocouple%20Calibrations.pdf

GEC Instruments specializes in precision instrumentation for ultra accurate temperature measurements with thermocouples and thermistor sensors. Their high accuracy, high resolution instruments connect easily to your computer either through a serial port or USB.

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