1000 ??C NTC Thermistor Vs. RTDs

1000 ??C NTC sensors for auto engine management challenges RTDs

Munich, Germany — TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, presents a new EPCOS NTC thermistor for the measurement of temperatures from -40 to +1000 ??C. The new sensor is thus ideally suited for use in the exhaust manifolds of diesel and gas engines.

Precise temperature measurement with long-term stability over a very wide temperature range is a prerequisite for high-performance engine management that boosts efficiency and improves exhaust values.

Because of its high sensitivity and good signal-to-noise ratio at temperatures below 500 ??C the new NTC sensor is suited especially for cold start and start-stop applications with rapidly changing temperatures.

TDK???s competence in the area of co-firing technology, which prevents oxidation of the leads, and EPCOS??? material expertise in NTC ceramics, were the key enablers in the development of the innovative sensor.

The wide measurement range from -40 to +1000 ??C was made possible by an improved molecular structure of the ceramic NTC material. The single-phase YCrO3 perovskite ceramic of the new thermistor remains stable even at temperatures above 1000 ??C.

Both the sensor element and the terminal contacts of the platinum wires are reliably protected from ambient effects by a sintered ceramic.

Up until now, exclusive use was made of platinum sensors (RTDs) for applications at very high temperatures. Their drawbacks however are their high cost and a low resolution.

Moreover, new requirements on engine management for cold start and start-stop applications, for example, make more precise temperature information necessary.

The new NTC thermistors eliminate these drawbacks and meet the additional requirements: they are about 10 percent less expensive than platinum sensors and in the lower temperature range have a resolution that is 10 better than that of platinum sensors.

Their accuracy in the relevant measuring range is ??3 percent. With dimensions of just 2 x 3 mm (D x L) they feature a short response time of only 2.9 s (50 ??C to 1000 ??C).

1000 ??C temperature sensors for engine and exhaust management.

Presentation with charts and other information by Dr. Bernhard Ostrick, Head of Product Development and Marketing, Business Group: Sensors (Charts Only)

Main features and benefits

  • Extensive temperature range from -40 to+1000 ??C
  • Short response time of only 2.9 s (50/1000??C)
  • Sensitivity of 0.5 %/K (500??C)
  • Compact dimensions of 2×3 mm
  • Lower cost than platinum sensor

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NTC: negative temperature coefficient thermistors have a characteristic whose resistance declines sharply as the temperature drops. This property makes them ideal for temperature measurement. Another application is for inrush current limiters (ICL), for instance in power supplies.

Perovskite: an oxide mineral with a cubic or orthorhombic crystal structure.