An Industrial Application for IR Thermometers & Imagers

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The Pilkington Float Glass Process, with more than 170 plants worldwide today, uses many infrared Radiation Thermometers and, in some cases, Thermal Imagers for process monitoring and control.

The process was developed by Pilkingon Brothers, Ltd. in St Helens, Lancashire, UK.

In the 1970s they, in turn, contracted with Land Pyrometers Ltd. (now Land Instruments International Ltd.), in neighboring Sheffield,Yorkshire, UK, to provide specialized single spot radiation thermometers for some of the process’s unique measurements in the “Tin Bath” and Annealing Lehr.

At that time, Land already was one of the major high temperature infrared radiation thermometer makers in Europe and Japan. They were regularly supplying their advanced “Silicon-cell Radiation Pyrometers” for measurements of high temperatures in the Iron & Steel Industries as well as Glass melting & forming applications in The UK and USA.

The special Infrared Radiation Thermometers used in the Tin Bath and Lehr, however, were based on original designs developed by Pilkingtons.

As part of a better applications context, a video on the Float Glass process by the Pilkington organization provides information on the major aspects of the float glass production line.

Applications of IR products related to this process may be found on the Land Instruments website at: and on the Lumasense Technologies website at: