How To Build An Eight-Bit Thermal Imaging Camera

by Chris Best on sensors|online

8-BIT THERMAL IMAGER ON CIRCUIT BOARDOnline –“The 8-bit thermal camera consists of the following three main hardware components:

“Panasonic Grid-EYE infrared sensor
“Varitronix COG-C144MVGI-08 graphic display LCD module
“PIC18F27K42 8-bit microcontroller

“Infrared detection is performed using the Grid-EYE sensor. The Grid-EYE is an 8 x 8 pixel (64 total) infrared array sensor designed using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) thermopile technology.

“The thermopile array consists of a series of free-standing thermocouples. Each thermocouple consists of two thin wires of different thermal materials.

“The two wires are joined together at one end, known as the hot junction, with the other ends connected to a heat sink.”

“The hot junction is connected to a very thin common IR absorption membrane, which is shared by all 64 thermocouples.

“If there is a difference in temperature between the two junctions, a tiny Electromotive Force (EMF) voltage is created, which can be measured and converted into temperature. This phenomenon is referred to as the Seebeck effect. The sensor communicates via the I2C bus operating at a maximum 400 kHz.”


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