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Sources of temperature measurement error
Temp measurement error sources – Image: Capgo Pty Ltd

Balwyn, Australia — The Capgo website in Australia?? has maintained a number of measurement technical resources that have proven popular with those involved in data acquisition and with engineering students, mainly because they are so well done.

These resources have been updated recently and we expect that they will continue to be of value for their blend of theory, practice and interest, not to mention their exceptional clarity. Links to specific resource pages within the Capgo website are listed below along with some details about them.


About Capgo

Capgo Pty Ltd is a start-up company focusing on measurement, monitoring, data acquisition and data logging. The first of a series of products were released in 2009. Capgo began in 1995 as a consultancy and contract design company. Its knowledgeable personnel have considerable experience in sensors, data logging, data acquisition and associated software.

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