Exergen Scanner Measures Egg Temperature

Exergen DX501 Thermal Scanner Helps ONE2BORN

DX and D Series Microscanners The Only Certified Accurate NIST Traceable Infrared Temperature Instruments in the WorldWATERTOWN, Mass. and ZIJTAART the Netherlands,  – Exergen Global, an award-winning thermal solutions provider, announced that One2Born, creators of the innovative “hatchholder”, is using Exergen’s DX501 handheld thermal scanner to ensure that fertilized chick eggs can hatch safely and naturally in their houses.

The solution enables chicks to get off to a better start, with early access to feed and water, helping to increase their weight gain and hatchability. Moreover, it helps decreases stress of the chicks, overall costs, mortality, feed conversion, and use of antibiotics.

The One2Born hatchholder is a biodegradable container that allows hatcheries to safely package and transport 18-day-old fertilized eggs to their eventual living environment.

Exergen’s DX501 handheld thermal scanners are used as a tool to measure the temperature of the fertilized eggs once they are in the living environment to determine when the chicks will hatch. Using this system, upon hatching the chicks have immediate access to food and water.

The entire process is less stressful, reduces transportation costs, and eliminates cross-contamination during the chick’s stay at the hatchery or during transportation.

Exergen’s DX501 handheld thermal scanner also results in more robust, better developed chicks with a higher level of resistance to disease and a decrease in overall health problems

Exergen’s DX501 thermal scanner provides the accuracy our producers need to determine exactly when chick eggs will hatch, and its handheld form factor, small size and measurement speed is ideally suited to measuring the eggs, which are between 50 and 70 grams,” said Rinke Donkers, One2Born. “The One2Born hatchholder and the DX501 scanner together deliver positive results for all parties in the production chain, and, as a result the sustainability of the poultry sector as a whole is increased.”

“We are delighted to be working with One2Born to provide an animal friendly solution that helps producers improve hatchability and reduce energy consumption,” said Bart van Liempd, CEO, Exergen Global. “The use of Exergen’s DX501 handheld thermal scanner in agriculture is just another example of the versatility and reliability of Exergen’s thermal management solutions.”

About the Exergen DX-Series Scanners

Exergen’s DX-Series family of handheld certified infrared scanners, which includes the DX501 and DX501 RS, are designed to deliver the industry’s best possible temperature measurement accuracy.

The scanners are the only infrared instruments that can be certified with NIST-traceable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, and are completely free of the contact, friction heating, time-based and heat syncing errors common in contact devices.

The DX-Series non-contact scanners measure surface temperature in a fraction of a second, while contact probes (thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, etc.) require several minutes to achieve equilibrium.

The DX-Series is free of any emissivity errors, emissivity shift errors or background reflection errors. The devices do not require any calibration or user adjustments, and have an interchangeability rate of ±1%, resolution of 0.1 °C and unmatched repeatability of 0.1 °C.

About One2Born

One2Born is an innovative hatchholder that allows 18-day old, fertilized eggs to be transported from the hatchery to the stable, so that the natural birth of the chicks can take place in the poultry house. One2Born strives towards effective food production for consumers in a more animal friendly and responsible way. The hatchholder has a positive effect on all links in the poultry food chain. Whether it’s the hatchery, the farmer, the slaughterhouse or the retail organization; One2Born is easy to implement and is beneficial for all parties.

About Exergen Corporation

Exergen Corporation is the recognized world leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology. From providing temperature sensors for NASA and various industries to creating one of the world’s most popular baby gifts, Exergen creates non-invasive temperature measurement devices providing lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible.

The creator of the first temporal artery thermometer—the Temporal Scanner™, the most efficacious, non-invasive thermometer ever created. Exergen holds over 100 issued and pending U.S. and foreign patents, and is the only manufacturer of retail medical thermometers in the U.S. Presently, half of hospitals and pediatricians currently use the Exergen TemporalScanner, and well over 4 million consumers use one at home.

Founded by Harvard-research scientist, Dr. Francesco Pompei, over two decades ago, Exergen Corporation is based in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.

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