Filters Extend Thermal Imaging Camera Usefulness

Some FLIR Models Offer Application-saving Filters + Industry-shattering 1280 x 1024 pixel Images


Croissy-Beaubourg, FRANCE — The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series contains a 4-slot motorized filter wheel with automatic filter recognition and measurement parameter adjustment. The removable filter holders also contain an integrated temperature probe for improved measurement accuracy.

Materials that are transparent or opaque to infrared (IR) wavelengths present problems in non-contact temperature measurements and even basic thermal imaging using an infrared thermal imaging camera. With semi-transparent materials, the camera sees through them and records a temperature that is a combination of the material itself and that which is behind it.

In the case when a thermal imaging camera needs to see through an opaque material to measure the temperature of an object behind it, signal attenuation and ambient reflections can make accurate temperature reading difficult or impossible. In some applications, an IR filter can be placed in the camera’s optical path to overcome these problems.

With the FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series the inbuilt filter wheel enables application specific filters to be inserted between the lens and the focal plane.

Each rotation of the filter position allows for a new spectral response to be measured. As a result of these calibrated filters, the FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc can be extended into application areas where other thermal imaging cameras may response poorly or produce misleading errors.

cover-3D.original_Further detailed information on how filters extend the measurement capabilities of thermal imaging cameras is contained in Chapter 4 of FLIR Systems ‘The Ultimate Infrared Handbook for R&D Professionals’ that may be downloaded from

Designed to provide ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements, ease of use and the most advanced connectivity in a compact, yet full featured thermal imaging camera, FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series are ideal for scientists and R&D professionals working on the most demanding applications.

Providing high-definition images of 1280 x 1024 pixels, FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc series thermal imaging cameras will reveal the faintest of thermal anomalies and allow you to see the smallest of details.

Incorporating the most advanced detector technology, FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc series thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature differences smaller than 25 mK (18 mK typically).

Using FLIR’s proprietary “lock-in” facility is able to process temperature differences as small as 1 mK can be made clearly visible.

Designed to unlock the secrets of almost any application a FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc series thermal imaging camera can measure temperatures up to 3,000 ??C with an accuracy of???? 1 ??C or???? 1%.

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