Fires in Tunnels

Researching the spread of heat & smoke

 full size mock-up of a tunnel Online — Fires in road tunnels cause serious explosions and loss of life. The main source of casualties in recent tunnel fires in China and elsewhere was the release of toxic substances from incomplete combustion of fuels.

A study published next month in Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology will say that the key to solving tunnel safety problems is to understand smoke flow patterns and thermophysical properties of fires in tunnels.

To this end, instead of working with a small-scale smoke tunnel model or numeric simulations, researchers from Chongquing Jiatong University have constructed a full size mock-up of a tunnel fire. This gives a much more realistic reflection of real-life fires in tunnels.

Road tunnel fires are mainly caused by vehicles and their load. The researchers thus set fire to gasoline and diesel to simulate oil surface burning caused by fuel leakage following vehicle collision…

Read the full story at: from Windmill Software’s Monitor – ISSN 1472-0221 The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control Issue 241, October 2018.

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Further Reading

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