FREE Temp/Humidity Measurement Good Practice Online

Brush up Your Temperature – Humidity Measuring Know-how & Test Your Skills!
Online – The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Measurement Network guides aim to improve measurement understanding and technical competence with short online modules.

Two of their online subjects are Temperature Measurement and Humidity, Brush up on your knowledge and test your skills at the web links below:

Introduction to measurement

Online modules introducing measurement, including the International System of Units and calibration. Learn more

Measurement uncertainty

Online modules explaining the basics of measurement uncertainty. Learn more

Temperature measurement

Online modules introducing temperature measurements and types of thermometers. Learn more


Online modules on the basics of humidity and how to measure it. Learn more

Visit the index webpage for details and more modules: Good practice online modules

The NPL Measurement Network connects businesses with measurement knowledge to help them improve, innovate and grow. It is the UK???s national network that facilitates access to, and adoption of:

  • measurement expertise
  • training
  • facilities
  • standards
  • good practices

With a vibrant community of over 2000 businesses, Measurement Network is the place to find solutions to current and future measurement challenges through engagement and interaction with experts and peers. The Network is focused on increasing the spread of knowledge and access to expertise for those who can benefit from adopting good measurement practices.